Jacques de Freitas-Castro


Ipek Ismail


Silvia Fabiani


Mayven Grillon

"I was completely mesmerized by the performance, it was the best ever combination I have ever seen: the music, the images, and the text on one side, singers, artists and musicians from different origin and culture on the other side, deeply intellectual and amusing. It has been very enriching working with the artists, especially with Silvia, who managed to convey in enchanting images the infinitely small and the “cathedrals of science”, and with Alexandre, who wanted to know all about physics and wrote a superb operetta, transforming into music the most difficult concepts of quantum mechanics and the discoveries of the bosons particles done at CERN." 

Dr. Chiara Mariotti, Prix Noether for Women in Physics 2018

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Le site de l'European Physical Society tweete notre spectacle

"Vivre la ville" parle de nous

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la découverte du Boson de Higgs, une image de notre spectacle (p.24)

2016 Association "Les Atomes dansants"

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